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Crochet Christmas Box - in French (video + PDF instructions)

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Dear craft enthusiasts!
We have a special gift for you – an engaging video tutorial in French where we will teach you how to create a beautiful Christmas box (or basket) with your own hands.
What awaits you:
✅ Ease and Speed: Learn how to create this masterpiece in the blink of an eye. The perfect project for those who value their time!
✅ Individuality: Vary the sizes according to your taste – wider, narrower, taller, shorter. It’s your creativity; bring it to life!
✅ Precision and Style: We will explain how to crochet each decorative element, create a beautiful loop handle. Your work will be impeccable!
✅ Festive Elegance: The result is a splendid Christmas box in beautiful festive colors. A perfect gift for loved ones or yourself!
Materials and Tools: For this project, we used high-quality 3mm polyester cord and a 5mm crochet hook. Everything you need is listed in the “Materials and Tools” section of our curriculum.
Detailed Video Tutorial: Our step-by-step instructions in French will help you effortlessly create this masterpiece. No unnecessary information, only clear and understandable guidance – every step matters!
Don’t miss the chance to make your Christmas unique! Gift your creative masterpieces to friends, family, or create a cozy atmosphere at home. Let’s create the celebration together!

Main features

  • Materials and Tools
  • Written instruction of the working process
  • Crochet basics
  • Tips before starting the work
  • Perfect circle pattern for the bottom and the lid of the box
  • Raising the sides of the box
  • A handle-loop for a lid
  • Decorative elements (holly leaves and holly berries)
  • Decorating the lid

Material & tools

• For Xmas box you can use: T-shirt yarn, or polyester/cotton/polypropylene cord, or chunky cotton yarn, or cord yarn, or ribbon yarn.
• The primary hook: use a crochet hook that is the right size for the yarn or cord you have chosen.
• An additional hook: take a hook that is about half the size of the main hook to tuck the yarn ends under the stitches.
• Cotton or acrylic yarn (for decorative elements)
• Small hook for creating decorative elements
• Cotton stuffing (for berries)
• Yarn needle
• Invisible thread (to secure decorative elements)
• Thimble (for sewing)
• Scissors
• Lighter (to seal the cord ends if you use a polyester or polypropylene cord)

What is the target audience?

This tutorial is designed for individuals with intermediate to advanced crochet skills. If you’re a beginner, there’s no need to worry! We’ve carefully integrated essential crochet instructions into the tutorial, offering concise videos covering the mastery of basic stitches, the execution of increases and decreases, the creation of a seamless circle, and more.
For a thorough overview, explore the entire lesson content available in the Curriculum section. Upon obtaining the tutorial, easily download all associated print materials for personal use only—please refrain from copying or distributing them!
Access to the video tutorials is restricted to your personal account, ensuring protection against unauthorized downloads. Following your purchase, relish unrestricted, lifelong access to your tutorial videos.

How do I know what the course covers?
Before buying the course read the description and curriculum. These two sections explain in detail what exactly the course covers.
How do I purchase a course?
Click the "Enroll Course" button. Then go to the shopping cart. If you are not registered, you must first sign up and then pay for the course. If you are already registered, sign in and pay for the course.
How do I access my course?
After payment, you will get access to the course in your personal account. Access to all courses that you have paid for is unlimited. After purchase, they will be stored in your account forever.
Do I have to take the course right away?
Since you have unlimited access to paid courses, you can take the course at any time. All purchased courses are stored indefinitely in your account. You can review them at any time and as many times as you like.
Is there a limit on the times I can access/view my course?
You have unlimited access to the courses you bought. You can review them in your account at any time and as many times as you like.
On what devices can I view a course?
Lessons can be viewed on any device (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone). In addition to watching videos, you can also download printed documents and view them on any device convenient for you.
Can I download/print out files from my course?
Yes, you can download and print the files attached to the video lessons.
Copying and distributing printed and video materials is strictly prohibited. Please respect the work of instructors and designers. If we learn that you are inappropriately distributing materials from our website, your account on our platform will be permanently disabled. All printed and video materials are for personal use only.
Can I download the video lessons?
All written and video materials are protected by copyright. Unlike written files that you can download, video materials are protected from downloading. You can view video lessons an unlimited number of times exclusively in your account. It is forbidden to make your own copies of the acquired lessons. All written and video materials are for personal use only.
Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?
You can request a full refund within 10 days of paying for a course or workshop, provided you have not yet accessed the materials. Any request for a refund after you have accessed the materials is not possible. If the refund is approved, you will receive a credit note that can be used for another online course on the DIY Education platform. In such cases, 20% of the course price will be charged as an administration fee. Credit notes expire in 6 months.
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